How can I get Street Swags for my Community?

We have a list of organisations who we supply Street Swags to after our winter and Christmas fundraisers at no cost to them. If you are a not for profit organisation working in emergency accommodation or homeless outreach please feel free to contact us in order to join this list. If your organisation is able to organise your own sponsorship we will be able to supply you with Street Swags straight away. Sponsorship per unit is set at our cost of manufacture, which is currently $80 per Street Swag.

Why not housing?

Ideally we would love all those in need and at risk to be in supported accommodation. A fantastic example of this is St. Vincent de Paulís new Families Back On Track centre on the Gold Coast. In the mean time, Street Swags are about keeping the maximum number of people alive. Swags are just the first step, there is a great deal more work to be done and we are looking forward to being part of that.

Why not have more swag features?

Our street swag is very basic, it was designed to take an unskilled sewer about 10 minutes to make. It was also designed to look like nothing, to be camouflaged and hold no obvious value, this is a safety mechanism and we believe the reason it has been so successful. In August 2009 the Street Swag won the INDEX:Peopleís Choice Award, the largest design awards in the world.

Can we sew our own Street Swags?

We need as many people as possible making swags for homeless people.

Whilst, sewing our patented design is relatively easy, the waterproofed canvas requires industrial sewing machines. Currently we supply 'Street Swags kits', to a number of groups around Australia.

Please be aware the prisoners sew the swags as part of their training, donating their time, so the kits cost the same amount as the finished product. If you have an organisation interested in sewing your own Street Swags please contact us.

What are Street Swags made from?

Our canvas is made by Wax Converters in NSW. They are the leading outdoor fabric manufacturers in Australia. They produce most of the fabrics used in the Australian and New Zealand camping industry. They also supply many other countries, because their finishing and waterproofing is so superior. Click here for more information.

Our special, light weight canvas 'Coolabah' is often used for tenting and making campervans. Click here for full specifications.

Our 35mm, high density foam matresses come from Dyman Foams in QLD, a household mattress and furniture manufacturer.

Can I volunteer?

Our Street Swags are sewn by prisoners and communities in the NT for work training purposes. We have a huge work force in Nudgee College who roll and package nearly all our Street Swags, as part of their 'social justice' program. Similarly other schools collect hygiene packs and make blankets. We have older community groups who knit winter essentials. Most of our distribution is taken care of by a vast number of organisations including, The St. Vincent de Paul Society, The Salvation Army and Mission Australia. So we seldom have need for volunteers in the making and distribution of swags. However, we always need people to help raise funds!

If you think you have specific skills which you feel would be of use to us and you can self motivate, please send us your details and some information about how you can help and we will be in contact.

Can I come and visit?

For obvious reasons prisons, schools and homeless services arenít set up for tourists. However, Nudgee College does have occasional open days

Are you available as a guest speaker?

Please contact us for the availability of Jean Madden and the Street Swags team, for engagements and guest speaking.

Street Swags Supporters