Because sleeping rough is tough

The Jumbuck

The Jumbuck

Feb 29, 2016

A Street Swag has always been a portable shelter for a homeless person. 

It has been designed to be light weight and weatherproof, providing a measure of

comfort in an uncomfortable circumstance.  We are proud of the fact that our product

is made entirely in Australia, using locally sourced materials,and have reflected this in

the naming of the various models.


* 2kg (the lightest shelter of its type available)

* Fully self supporting (no need for ropes or anything to tie it to)

* Mattress and multipurpose blanket included

* Multiple units can be combined for a bigger space for famlies

* Discrete (no bigger than a yoga mat)

* Weatherproof  made of locally sourced canvas

* Revolutionary gutter system preventing water coming into the tent when it rains

* Adustable straps reinforced to resist wear and tear

* Extremely warm (see the results from our thermal imaging camera)

The Jumbuck