In 2017 Street Swags made a major decision to completely redesign the famous Street Swag. The newly appointed CEO and the board decided to find out how we could as a charity make the swag better for those rough sleepers.

After several  think tank meetings, rolls of butcher paper, crayons and long sit down sessions with dozens of rough sleepers we came up with the Jumbuck.

The Jumbuck as we called it was now a swag we where all very proud of. It was now capable of withstanding colder climates, wetter conditions, and even provided comfort from mosquitoes and other insects. 

We turned the swag into a portable shelter a portable home that would give comfort, safety and warm,to all those women, children and men that had fallen on hard times and that were forced to rough sleep.


Here at Street Swags we thought it important to put together a document a brochure that could be used to help students , children, and even adults better understand Homelessness. 

Homelessness is a very complicated social issue. However there are certain truths and certain untruths that we wanted to help separate. This brochure is an accumulation of all those questions various students have asked us at their assemblies and their classroom presentations.

We have designed this brochure as a very user friendly document that is a brilliant tool to help the reader better understand what causes a person to become homeless and what life is actually like for a rough sleeper.

We encourage you to download this brochure and use this as a tool to better educated and inform your students or even your club .



What better way to introduce on a very soft level to prep and primary school classrooms the topic of Homelessness than by a children's book.

The Story of Tom is self illustrated an published children's book that explores the basic mechanics of Homelessness to a very young audience.

We at Street Swags believe talking about and understanding this ever growing social issue needs to start with our youngest students

The story about Tom follows the life of a young man that finds himself homeless and how his local community band together to help get him off the streets and back into a home.

Please feel free to download this book to help the younger students better understand Homelessness and to help ignite more conversations and more awareness about this community issue.




Get involved in this amazing fundraising initiative. Swagtember is about raising awareness and raising funds to help those who are forced to sleep rough right across Australia. Click the links , Download the pack join this nation Wide Movement.





Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street on a cold, wet, night and wished you could do something to help them? 

This JUMBUCK is a simple donation  that will enable one person sleeping rough to have comfort and dignity.


 Not only do we send a swag to a rough sleeper on your behalf but we also send a personalised certificate thanking you for your donation.


Instead of a standard present you can give a loved one a personalized certificate that shows them that this WINTER a rough sleeper is warm and dry because of them.

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We  have been opearting for 14 years and in that time we have distributed 54,500 Swags.


The difference in winter can really come down to life and death.


Because your donations go straight to the front-line. If you saw our office you would understand.


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