gift  a  swag

This XMAS GIFT a SWAG. You wont just donate to a cause that helps the homeless, you will purchase an entire Swag or even a box of Swags that we will gift to a rough sleeper on your behalf. 

Once you gift a swag we send you a personalized certificate so that you can see exactly where your swag/swags ended up and exactly who they helped save this Winter. Once you gift a swag this CHRISTMAS you have the option of nominating where you want them sent or you can let us decide to send them to those most in need.

Help spread the JOY this Christmas throughout Australia & lets help those women and those children that are sleeping rough stay safe and dry .

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We  have been opearting for 14 years and in that time we have distributed 54,500 Swags.


The difference in winter can really come down to life and death.


Because your donations go straight to the front-line. If you saw our office you would understand.


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