Box of 10 Jumbuck swags

Box of 10 Jumbuck swags



These Street Swags weigh only 2.2 kilos. It is incredibly lightweight and it now comes inside its very own backpack. The Backpack is a 20 ltr waterproof military grade and styled design that contains the swag and that is designed to allow amble room for clothes, towels, and personal care items.


Once taken out of the Backpack the Swag can be setup in under 30 seconds. It contains a mattress, inflatable pillows , warm weather gear, and even a hygiene kit.


The Jumbuck we think is quite a revolutionary product because it is not made from lightweight tent material, the Jumbuck is made from 380gsm heavy duty, waterproof canvas that can withstand the toughest types of environments.


Unlike a sleeping bag that can be quite bulky or a tent that can take considerable time to setup and that will draw unnecessary attention, the Jumbuck is very versatile. Based on the same mechanics that can be found in a port-a-cot, the Jumbuck has a series of inbuilt plastic tubing that clicks into place once rolled out, allowing it to be completely freestanding without the need of of tethering ropes or banging in tent pegs.


The Jumbuck has been designed in connection with hundreds of conversations and think tank meetings with rough sleepers from all over Queensland. The fact that it has  a thermal rating allowing it to  perform in near freezing conditions, or the fact that if it is to be used in the Norther Territory during the monsoon season it has fully sealed inbuilt fly screen panels, comes from the fact that we took all the conditions that rough sleepers will face throughout Australia at incorporated them all into one , very small, very versatile swag that will keep any rough sleeper both Dry and Warm.






All swags come with 

  1. 100% waterproof canvas shelter
  2. Inbuilt mattress
  3. Carry bag
  4. Thermal Blanket
  5. Inflatable pillow

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