Last night Street Swags received a phone call from a very distressed lady.

Sadly due to family reasons she needed to leave her house with only the clothes on her back with her 2 children.

Her last resort last night was going to sleep in the car as the photos show.

Those that follow and support our cause will be well aware that this isn't the first time we have used our community of supporters to quickly help a young women in desperate need.


Most of our community will remember Tamara, Jessy, Marge and Juliette. These where all women who had almost given up , but with everyone's help, love, and support they received housing, food, household items and even funds to go towards childcare.

If you are reading this then we are asking you to click the link and donate a few dollars. For this young lady who is called "TJ"  this is critical.

We need to supply 2 weeks accommodation for her and her children and we also need funds to help her find an apartment and to help her get her life back on track. 

Help us help her 

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We  have been opearting for 14 years and in that time we have distributed 54,500 Swags.


The difference in winter can really come down to life and death.


Because your donations go straight to the front-line. If you saw our office you would understand.


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